Five kilometers. 3.1 miles. If you were to ask the average non-runner whether they thought that running 3.1 miles was a lot, the answer will most likely be "heck yeah", "that's too far", "why would I want to run that much?"

What's so special about a 10k? Why can't I just run a 5k and be done with it? Running a 10k is twice the distance, twice the effort, and twice the suck.  But, here's a few reasons why people still endure the pain.

One of the last things we wanted for 2017 was to interview two avid runners with a drive to be happy and have fun in life. We found Celeste Johnson. This bright, cheerful, and optimistic runner shared some very interesting stories with us, including how she over-ran a half-marathon because of a bib mishap!