Sleep, or your brain will eat itself. A new study suggests that an over-exhausted body can trick the brain into damaging healthy cells.

Shit happens, and it sometimes happens at the worst possible moment, like, for instance - during a run! While you can't fight Mother Nature, there are things you can do to help delay the onset of diahrrea.

If you’re new to running, you probably haven’t felt the sensational feeling of euphoria known to runners as the “runner’s high”. It’s not exactly a sensation that a lot of runner’s experience, so it’s often left to the imagination of amateur runners. Is it real, or some made-up phenomenon to encourage amateur runners to keep going?

Running a mile while listening to your favorite songs can really help keep you going.  Running 5 miles... you better have a playlist.  But what if you're running a distance race?  What do you think about?